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Capital city Buenos Aires is a world class food, shopping and salsa dancing metropolis with an Art Nouveau architecture scene. Cordoba offers an award winning wine scene and gateway for small European-Inspired spa towns. And down at the tip of the world, hike across the Patagonian Ice Field, live the Gaucho life or set off for Antartica. There are endless possibilities here. 


Buenos Aries

You've heard of the amazing Steak scene, its no lie. But the "Paris of South America" isn't just a place to gorge on meats and get borracho on the Malbec, although that's enough. There is also plenty of history to absorb - mostly surrounding Evita. See the famous "Don't Cry for me" balcony, and the Peron's burial site.  And if you day trip to the Brazilian border, you can visit famous Iguazu Falls which stand three times as tall as Nigagra.


Argentinian Patagonia is a wild, extreme and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.  Chile tends to get the credit for this region but from the El Calafate side of the border you can access multiple glaciers that make up the Patagonian Ice Field, and the arctic lakes that they feed.  This is also the land of gauchos, with a strong tradition of ranching in the thousands of hectares of untamed grazing lands.  Lamb is king here - both on your plate and on your body.  Wild guanacos live in the grasslands, and thousands of migratory birds call this home for the summer. This is an adventure traveler's dream and its never been as accessible. 


Argentina as a gateway

If you're heading for Antartica you'll have no choice but to visit the town at the bottom of the world -Ushuaia- to catch your ice-cutting cruise ship. But did you know that Uruguay sits just an hour across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aries?  You can earn another passport stamp in just a day trip. Uruguay is considered one of the safest and most developed nations in South America, and maintains a colorful seaside Colonial feel with beach side seafood, shopping and hundreds of years of history. 

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