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From Sea to Shining Sea, the shift toward Domestic travel over the last year has reminded us how much there is to see here in the US of A.  If you're not already intrigued by the regional islands, deserts, forests and waterways on our other pages, there are plenty of other places worth exploring without your passport. We also love crafting trips around a single passion whether its a type of food, a specific interest or a study topic taken to the real world. 

New York City

Bright Lights and Big Cities

If you are located anywhere in the US there is an exciting, historical, glamorous, city ready to show you a good time with limited air travel required.  From LA to Vegas, Chicago to New York, DC to Philly, or Dallas to Detroit there are metropolises filled with nightlife, history, theme parks, food, nightlife, museums and culture for when you just need a little change of scenery.

Plains, Trains and Automobiles

Some people might call them "fly-over states" but between the Rockies and the Mississippi River you can find some of the most experiential and unique finds in the country.  Try luxury glamping in the Montana wilderness, do a Presidential Library or Baseball Stadium tour across the great plains, try a BBQ-themed road trip to experience the differences between Texas, Kansas City & Louisiana BBQ (the same works for the  Bourbon Trail!) or slow it way down and let a train amble you through the Rockies so all you have to do is look out the window.

Refreshing Juices

Southern Hospitality

The South - with its own flavor palate, Creole heritage and early colonial French and English settlements is as varied and interesting as any international destination.  You'll find Charleston - America's "#1 Small City" charming and colorful,  New Orleans - where they don't run from hurricanes they drink 'em, Miami & The Keys - where the party is always on, Atlanta - "New York of the South".  And then there's Texas! Big, adventurous, fun, tasty Texas.   Now is also a great time to visit the important sites of the Civil Rites Movement - from Alabama to Arkansas, this educational route will inspire the kind of dialogue we're all ready to have.

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