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The Land of Fire and Ice went from small unknown island with questionable weather to one of the most coveted and instgrammable locations in the world thanks to Iceland Air. Volcanic eruptions are frequent, hot springs are otherworldly and the vastness of it all is humbling.  You can chase the Northern Lights, see the Midnight Sun and swim between the North American and European tectonic plates. If its extreme or geologic  and its on your bucket list - it's in Iceland! Best part - its only about 4.5 hours from both Europe and New York! 


The capital city Reykjavik (yes, anyone can learn to spell it!) is small but mighty.  It's worth a day or two to explore on its own for the collection of uniquely Icelandic museums and exhibits -  including the original Viking Settlement that populated the island, Aurora Iceland - an interactive art installation dedicated to the Northern Lights in case you're there where it doesn't get dark enough to see them, and  of course the National Museum and Galleries.

Stroll the quaint streets to the spire of Hallgrimskirkja which dominates the sky line, take in a show at the innovative Harpa Concert Hall, and end a top Perlan -a glass domed rotating cocktail bar and glacier museum with 360 views of Southern Iceland.

The Golden Circle and Highlights

Iceland's "Big 5" can be seen in a well organized excursion or carefully mapped route around the country's Golden Circle.  Towering geysers, waterfalls, the National Park, Craters and the chance to sit in a thermal hot spring are all within a day's loop while base-camping in the capital. But driving yourself - which is both safe and easy - gives you more options for timing, add-on's and pulling over at someone's farm and asking to meet their goats (who once starred as dragon bait on Game of Thrones!) 


Off the Path

The more time you have in Iceland the further you can get from the capital and the more you can connect with this unique land and culture.  Small towns along the coast will tempt you with local liqueur and rotted shark flesh and home-made museums dedicated to the sagas! In the south, find a hollowed fuselage left to waste from a plane crash that you can climb on, nesting Puffin habitats, and black sand beaches. And all across the island - glacier hikes, erupting volcanoes, whale watching, spelunking, and Icelandic horseback riding. 

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