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Machu Pichu


Machu Picchu has been the claim to Peru's glory since it was discovered 100 years ago. But past the Incan city, the more under-the-radar spots in this small South American country are the true gems.  Look for Pink Dolphins in the Amazon, Stargaze in the darkest, driest desert on Earth, and try to decide if aliens left the Nazca Lines behind.  

Coastal City

Lima - Capital City and Jumping off point!

When coming to Peru you're likely to land in Lima, one of the largest cities in South America. Why not catch your breath (literally, its 5ooo' above sea level!) and enjoy a quick city break. A coastal arts scene, colonial history and metropolitan nightlife will get you acclimated to the altitude.  Head out on a day trip to the mysterious Nazca Lines reportedly left behind by aliens. Then catch an inter-country flight to the Amazon for deep jungle adventure, or over to Cusco to being your Incan history tour. 

Cusco and Machu Picchu 

If you're planning to visit Peru's crown jewel Machu Picchu, then Cusco will be your base of operations for incoming flights or day trips up to the Incan City. But don't miss the city center with its native craft market and the near by Sacred Valley if you need more Incan culture.  Be sure to leave time to get out to the highly instgrambable Rainbow Mountain! Once you've done a selfie with a Llama and posed in front of the multi colored sands, how about a 3 day luxury train ride - complete with private oxygen tanks -  through the Andes, up to Lake Titicaca at 12ooo' above sea level!  

Quechua Indigenous Women

Arequipa & Atacama

You could of course end in Arequipa, with his baroque buildings and traditional Falcon flying, and catch your return flight out of its domestic airport. Or you could continue onward, through the beautiful and off-the-beaten-path Atacama Desert which spreads through Boliva and Chile. Luxury Eco Resorts are ready to show you salt flats and geysers by day and an endless a star field in the darkest night sky. 

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