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Your Questions Answered (Email us if they're not!)

  • How does travel consulting work?
    You tell us anything you think we need to know about the trip you want, the amount of time you have, your travel style and your budget. We'll put together an intineray that ticks all of your boxes! (You can also fill out a quick questionaire we designed to easily get to those core values)
  • What does it cost?
    Its free to have a conversation! (or email). Basically you audition us to see if you want to work with a travel consultant. If you decide to trust us with crafting your personally designed trip, we'll establish a budget FIRST to make sure there are no surprises. Since dreams can range from modest community-focused trips where the dollar stretches far, to 5 Diamond luxury once in a lifetime adventures packed with perks there's no fixed rate. That's part of what a consultant will help design with you.
  • Are there locations you won’t craft at all?
    Of course. There are counties that are considered “Level 4” do not travel as defined by the state department (North Korea, Iraq etc) if the political climate is too dangerous we would advise against it. Additionally there are some countries that are highly advisable to go on a guided group tour due to cultural or political sensitivity. We would be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues that are trained into those sensitivities so you are more likely to have a posative experiance with less stress
  • Do you do use large group tours or “big box tours”
    There is no limit to the number of folks you want to design your trip for (Christmas family reunion in a Big Sky County Cabin anyone?) but our expertise is in designing YOUR dream not you and 65 strangers on a bus. Our personal travel style - and therefore the best trips we know how to design - are those that take your individual needs, likes and preferences into account and not one that shoves you onto a packaged tour. That said, if one of the things you really want to do is, say, see The Last Supper up close and personal or some other bucket list item that's only done as part of group activity we will weave it into your itineary - no problem!
  • What About Covid-19?
    Well that threw us all for a loop didn't it? Don't worry. Our consultants stay up to date on all regional protocols and will include the timeline and costing for any necessary entry/exit testing in your itinerary.
  • Ok, why an octopus?"
    One of the most intellegent species, Octopus are gifted problem solvers who spend their days exploring, eating and thinking about where to go next! They use everything in their enviroment as a tool to learn and aren't content to stay in one place. Sound familiar ? Oh, and all those hands makes juggling all the things that much easier!
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