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Whether you arrive by cruise ship or you fly directly into one of Norway's easy airports, you will no doubt immerse yourself in the Norse traditions of the sea. With striking fjords, fresh seafood and a rich Viking history the water here factors into everything.  Even in frozen form, with skiing, Lapland reindeer farms and arctic forests, this is a winter wonderland year-round. Access one of Europes glaciers for skiing in August, before staying up to see the midnight sun on the Arctic Circle. Norway is magical! 


Oslo and Bergen

The famous cities of Norway couldn’t be more different and more perfectly complemented.  Oslo is A buzzing Capital, reflecting the most modern in Scandinavian design, famous art museums, and a central Royal Palace.  Bergen is a candy box colored wharf town,  with centuries of maritime and trade history. Oslo’s massively efficient international airport and huge central train station make it a European hub, while Bergen is the sea gateway to the fjords.  The two are connected seamlessly by rail or commuter flight making it possible to arrive in Oslo and spend several days dining on five-star Scandinavian cuisine, visiting famous paintings like The Scream and learning why Oslo is the world headquarters of the Nobel Peace program, before transferring to quainter Bergen with its nature trails and fjord cruises. 

Fjords and Countrysides

You simply can’t come to Norway and not see at least some of the epic fjords found here. Local cruise operators have many options for point-to-point sailing as well as multiple night excursions that reach the Arctic Circle. Sampling the southern fjords between Bergen and Fläm gives you a full day on the water with serene views of twisting finger fjords and towering cliffs, concluding in a deep mountain town Flam, where its hiking trails lead to look out points that stretch on forever. Connect back to Oslo via train and you will pass through stunning Norwegian mountain passes, High snow fields (aka Hoth!) and powerful waterfalls. 

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The Vikings and the Sami

Two early cultures dominate the historical record of Norway and Scandinavia. The Vikings, famous sailors and boat builders, who’s reach extended west to the Americas and south to Turkey, can still be seen in the architecture and jewelry throughout the country. Museums dedicated to their global contribution and traditions help put the entire world into perspective.  Sami - the indigenous people of northern Lapland which stretches across into Russia -  still operate on lands to this day and rely heavily on farming and crafts to sustain their way of life. Consider a community focused trip to the reindeer plains to experience the Sami way of life and support an indigenous population. 

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