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Ronda Spain

Southern Spain - Adalucia

Spain is a huge country with unique cultures and dialects across multiple regions. Among the most popular are Basque Country in the North touching the Pyrenees, Barcelona the hub of Catalonian culture, and Madrid the bustling capital city. Entire itineraries can be crafted around any one region or several with more time for transit.  But the magic of Adualucia, the southern region marked by White Hill towns and Islamic architecture, is a stand out among places on the European mainland and makes for a stunning road trip. 


Cordoba & Seville

Seville is the capital of the Andalucia region and keeper of its biggest festivals and cultural showings. Bull fights, flamenco and a collection of major tourists sights make is a popular starting point for an Andalucian road trip.  See the tomb of Christopher Columbus (yes that one!) and the Plaza de Espana, but don't miss the stunning Royal Alcazar - a 16th Century Moorish palace (and stand in for many Game of Thrones lands).  Cordoba, while possible as a day trip from Seville, is magical at night as the narrow passages around the old town cater more to locals and seasoned travelers. During the day the draw is the otherworldly Mezquita - a mosque and cathedral that anchors a maze-like old quarter that feels more like the Middle East than like Europe. 

Malaga and Grenada

Southern Spain is connected by a series of "hill towns" - enclaves that are carved into the sides of the mountains and traditionally white to protect them from the heat of the Spanish summers. Each has something unique to them - like the insta-famous Bridge in Ronda, but none draw as many visitors as Grenada, - guarded from above by the famous Alhambra - a complex of islamic art , architecture, tiles and carvings. Further south, Malaga - a bustling sea-side jewel features Turkish Hammans along side Roman amphitheaters. 


Gibraltar and Morocco! 

While in Southern Spain there are 2 other countries within easy day-trip striking distance.  Gibraltar - a British overseas territory has an official border crossing, currency changes to the GBP and pubs take over the scene. The famous monkeys of Gibraltar run freely around menacing tourists and once you've hiked to the top of the famous Rock, you can peer directly at Africa.  Back down at the water line, ferries run the 9 mile trip to Morocco regularly in clear weather, and you can spend a day wandering the bazaar of Tangier and haggling for unique souvenirs. 

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