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The Southwest

America's Southwest is the stuff of legend - The Wild West, the Frontier, Land of the Indigenous Peoples.  Its stunning orange landscape and unique rock formations make up some of the most famous and bucket-listed National Parks. And Route 66 is still a place to get your Kicks. If you are in search of the Great American Road Trip, look no further.  But its not all just hot driving and outdoors'ing. Wine Trains, Desert luxury spas and 5-Star resorts can charm the fanciest traveler

National Park Heaven: Zion, Bryce & the Grand Canyon

In one little corner of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona you can get a major National Park fix! Zion is a hiking destination like no other, with a well detailed trail system ranging from the pet-friendly and Accessibly paved  Pa'Rus trail to the 1500' ascent up Angle's Landing. Bryce meanwhile features the stunning and most concentrated collection of Hoodoos in the world. And of course, the grand dame of the park system, The Grand Canyon is a trip in and of itself with postcard views and a historic village and railroad system.

Native American History 

The Hopi, Havasupai, and Navajo are just some of the indigenous peoples who still have reservation claim to these lands across Arizona and New Mexico. You can still visit beautifully intact cave dwellings - including Montezuma's Castle - and cave paintings left behind through the ages.  Navajo Nation is also home to the famous Monument Valley, a 'skyline' made famous in hundreds of movie Westerns, and TV shows.  There are also ample opportunities to support the locals by shopping road-side craft markets and 'outposts' that have been feeding, watering and wrapping travelers up in Thunderbird Blankets for hundreds of years. 


Desert Luxury 

From Sedona to Santa Fe, if art, wine, food and aligning your chakras with a shaman or crystal healer is more your thing, there is no shortage of desert Luxury.  5 star accommodations and spas cluster around these sophisticated get-away spots. Art Galleries and Wine Tasting Routes offer reprise from the hot desert sun, and chef tasting menus will have you rethinking if you should be hiking instead of lying pool side. 

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