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Happy National Utah day!

Yes, it's ALSO Memorial Day, which is also very important. Poor #utah must feel upset sharing its special day with a Federal Holiday so I'm going to give it its due.

Utah is one of my favorite states. Its one of those places that I've returned to over and over and I still haven't even cracked the surface, in fact, I've barely ventured past the Southern border with Arizona. Even in that narrow belt you'll find some of the most stunning national parks and other worldly landscapes.

-Start with #StGeorge. Just over the state border, this is the quintessential college town and with a cute downtown shopping and eating corridor.

-Continue to Springdale, gate way to #Zion National Park. Base camp at this adorable mountain town and get your fix of fresh smoothies, craft coffee, homemade gluten free baked goods and lots and lots of people heading out for a day or more in the trails of the deep red canyons, including #AngelsLanding - the peak in the park.

- Turn North from there and make your way through Dixie National Forest, ultimately landing in #BryceCanyon - one of the only places on Earth to see this many amazing Hoodoos (Rock Formations).

- Heading East will send you through Grand Staircase - the Wild West (at least as depicted in Early Hollywood films). Lesser known Cave Dwellings and painting dot the landscape and have been less trampled than those in Arizona.

- Follow a finger along the Colorado river where the intense turns have carved dramatic U's in the canyon earning the name #Gooseneck State Park.

- And its on the Utah side of #MonumentValley where you can recreate the great "Forrest Gump" road scene.

Making a hard Left at the Colorado border will point you onward toward #Arches National Park and keep following the highway north to experience Provo and eventually Capital city #SaltLake.

Utah is so pretty it features heavily on our Southwest Page, and continues to call me back over and over!

#NationalUtahDay #Utahtravel

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