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Clients are the best inspiration!

Memorial Day seems to have brought all the summer travel vibes as web site visits jumped up 400%!!! and inquiries all centered around summers spent in the warm sun next to the water. Sounds great to me!

For International wanderers the choice for me is a no brainer : #Greece leads the pack in welcoming tourists back safely and with the most number of things open. Vaccinated travelers can go NOW and feel that Aegean air on their faces. Second place would be Croatia, which is also open now to vaccinated travelers and seeing that #Dubrovnik old town with fewer than a trillion people sounds amazing. Of course island nation #Malta has reached herd immunity with 70% of the population vaccinated so if the water is calling they are ready to answer.

Domestically, I'm obsessed with #RhodeIsland if you're on the East Coast, #Mackinac #Michigan if you're in the midwest and The Pacific Northwest if you're on the left coast! Part of that is my own fond memories of a July trip to #Newport, another July spent in #WashingtonState and my never-yet being to Mackinac and wanting to live vicariously through that itinerary!

Of course if you follow our Blog and Insta page already you know this travel girl just took her first Summer Trip to #PuertoRico, which I can't say enough good things about, and in a couple of weeks there is another #island in my future, stay tuned for more on that.

But mostly I was excited to hear from so many folks who are obviously excited to get back out there, feeling more safe about the health situation of the world & dreaming about travel again. Let's get out there!


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