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Spain is now accepting Vaccinated US Travelers

You know those trips that stand out in your memory as "one of your favorites". That's #Spain for me. True, it also stands out as "the one where I ripped my passport as I was deplaning in #Madrid and spent the next 8 days wondering if I would need the embassy to replace it before I could go home" but apart from that I have nothing but great memories of the fantastic museum scene in Madrid, the white hill towns & #Moorish architecture of #Andalusia, the glittering ocean and hot winter sun of #Malaga and even a pop over into the British territory of #Gibralter.

A Road Trip through Southern Spain is high on my list of recommendations for anyone with a love of history, culture, architecture, wine, cheese, paella, art, places that pretend to be kingdoms in Game of Thrones, and non-stop insta-worthy sites. And that's just in the South.

The North has the Basque region with its own language, a border with France and the Pyrenees Mountains, #Barcelona and the chance to get a micro-nation passport stamp with a day trip to #Andorra.

Now that Vaccinated Travelers are allowed to travel to Spain again I'm thinking of all the itinerary possibilities. And in another week (June 13) Portugal may begin accepting US travelers again as well which makes for a perfect companion country to extend to after your Spain trip. Vamanos aja!


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